Are the resistance bands able to tackle all body parts?

There are a multitude of exercises targeted at every part of the body. Whichever body part you would be focusing on at the gym can now be worked on from home (or anywhere!) with your resistance bands and our many online workouts. Arms, legs, glutes, ankles, back, stomach… you name it and we’ve got you covered with a suitable workout.

Will my workout be as effective as one using gym apparatus?

Numerous case studies show that the workout is as effective as a workout with gym equipment – and, in some cases, is even more effective.

Can I use the resistance bands to perform cardio exercises?

Yes, most definitely. There are great cardiovascular workouts you can do that combine various intensive exercises with limited rest times. These serve as excellent aerobic or anaerobic workouts. Find a variety of these on our low-cost monthly online workout package.

Where can I use the resistance bands other than my home?

The resistance bands can be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors. All you need is a stable anchor point such as a tree, door, pole, fence or railing. This means you can do your workouts while away on business, in a forest, on the beach promenade or at the office. The possibilities are endless.

How long does it take to set up the resistance bands?

As long as it takes you to close a door, with the door anchor secured behind it. This is the most fuss-free way to exercise.

Can I build muscle by only using resistance bands?

Resistance-band exercises are an extremely effective way to build muscle, because you’re able to increase your resistance in seconds, no matter what exercise you are performing.

Would the bands be suitable for rehabilitation after an injury?

The resistance bands are ideal for recovery from an injury because the intensity of resistance can be adjusted in small increments by moving closer or further away from the anchor point. This allows progress to be made over time as one heals and becomes stronger. We advise that rehabilitation programmes be conducted with the guidance of a medical professional.

Will doing these exercises enhance my other sporting activities?

Absolutely. The fluid movement of the resistance-band exercises offers both positive and negative resistance, strengthening the many muscles in the body that are required to perform other sports. Some of our online workout classes are targeted to enhance specific sports.

How can I find the perfect online workout for me?

All of our online workouts are categorised according to the body part that they target. Your subscription gives you unlimited access to a multitude of workouts.

How long are the online workouts?

Each online class is either 10/15/20 or 30-minutes long – quick enough to do during a lunch break but long enough to give you your desired workout.

What sort of intensity is involved in the online classes?

The intensity of weight resistance will depend on the number of resistance bands you include in your workout, but the repetitive movements make this a dynamic way to exercise. Short breaks are included between each sequence.

Why are the resistance bands so inexpensive?

Our mission at is to get as many people using our products as possible, without price being an obstacle. We want more people around the world to have access to good-quality exercise equipment that they can use in the comfort of their personal environments. That is why we have made our monthly subscription to exercise classes and workouts so affordable too.

Is there anything else I should know about

Yes, you should know that for every 10 resistance bands sold, we are giving one away for free to a community in need in South Africa. This will allow schools, gyms and sports clubs in less privileged areas access to a piece of resistance equipment that will aid in their physical health and well-being.